How to Pick the Best Holiday Lights


Yes, we know. We haven’t passed Thanksgiving yet, but hopefully it’s ok to start talking about lights for your Christmas displays!

Whether you like a full blown holiday light display that is full of color or a more low key approach to holiday decorating; keep these things in mind when picking up the best lights for your displays.

Choosing LEDs or Incandescent Lights

Led bulbs are simply the most energy efficient bulbs that you can purchase on the market today, but they are also the more higher priced option.

They will last longer than Incandescent bulbs, but keep the price in mind when purchasing large quantities if your on a budget.

You can get LEDs in different color temperatures ranging from cool to warm white, and they will stay cool to the touch.

Incandescent lights will be the cheaper option, and they will provide a warm glow to your display. They will also give off more heat than an LED.

The Lowes Christmas Lights Buying Guide is a great resource.

Choosing How Many Lights Per Strand

Check the box. In general lights with less space between them will be better suited to lay over shrubs or hang off of eaves.

Light strands that have a lot of bulbs on them will look better wrapping around trees, banisters, and anything else you decide to wrap outside.

Choosing bulb shape and design

There are so many options on the market when it comes to bulb shape, size and design. they range from an actual snowflake design to a standard, traditional bulb.

I am very much a traditional, vintage style decorator. But, you may envision a modern, updated design.

Have your design in front of you when purchasing your lights.


These are just a few starter tips to help you begin picking the best holiday lights for your display this year. This rest of this month of blogs will be dedicated to decorating with lights this year!

So stay tuned….





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