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Luminaire Magazine April 2017


We are so excited to announce that this month our new publication, Luminaire Magazine will be delivered first to our past clients and customers.

This magazine is the product of wanting to provide homeowners with the latest in lighting design, landscape lighting and other great ideas to help make your house beautiful!

This month, we will cover things like the latest trends in lamps for your home, under cabinet lighting for your kitchen and designing a garden lighting plan!

We can’t wait to get it out to our clients!

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December 19th, 2016 by AdamsPearceAdmin

Is Fluorescent lighting bad for you?

Did you know that children or family members with ADHD, Autism, Seizure Disorders, and Migraines might benefit if you changed the light bulbs in your home? Fluorescent lighting has been shown in studies to affect people in harmful ways.

They Emit noise

The common “spiral bulbs” also called, CFL’S that you can get today in the store emit a noise. If you’ve never noticed it, consider yourself lucky, but those with sensitivity to sound will notice it.

Our oldest son had a terrible time in school, and one of the complaints that he had was that he could hear the lights. That distracted him from his schoolwork. Maybe you’ve noticed that in your own children with ADHD issues.

They flicker

According to Psychology Today Doctors have changed their bulbs in the office when seeing a patient with seizure or migraine disorders.
The flicker can trigger a stress response or migraine in some people. LED lights have no warm up time like the other bulbs on the market, so they don’t emit a flicker.

They can cause sleep disturbances

Nothing can cause more stress than a bad night’s sleep.  Fluorescent or CFL bulbs can emit a melatonin suppressor. Melatonin is the hormone responsible for helping our circadian clocks regulate our sleep patterns.

If these bulbs are in your bedroom, you might consider changing them to promote a better night’s sleep.

The color they emit can cause stress

The blue color that these bulbs emit is known to be able to reach parts of the brain that are responsible for triggering stress hormones, hyperactivity, and muscle tension


It is recommended that CFL’s and Fluorescent bulbs be replaced by LED’s or the older Incandescent bulbs if you or loved one has issues that may cause extra stress, hyperactivity, migraines or sleep disturbances.

The healthiest light is sunlight, so also make sure that you or your loved one get plenty of that each day so that you can counteract some of the issues that come with Fluorescent Bulbs and CFL’s usage.

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December 18th, 2016 by AdamsPearceAdmin

9 Steps to Beautiful outdoor lighting

Do you need to design beautiful outdoor home lighting for both security and ambience in your landscape?

Follow these 9 steps to get the lighting design of your dreams!

Step 1: Why are you designing the lighting system?

First come up with the top reasons you are designing your outdoor lighting. Do you have a favorite tree or area in your yard that your enjoy the most? Maybe you have a gazebo or nice architectural lines on the home itself. Where is light important to you in terms of lighting pathways and entrances?

Also, come up with things you don’t like looking at in your yard. Do you see the neighbor’s house, or garbage cans?

Think of all the thinks that you’d like to focus on and highlight and integrate into your new outdoor lighting design.

Step 2: sketch out the landscape of your home

Sketch out the landscape of your property so that it is like you are looking down on it. You can get a copy of your property assessment from your local county assessor’s office that can assist you in sketching your home closer to scale. If you can’t get the assessment, draw the outline to the best of your abilities

Step 3: A new design layer

Take a sheet of tracing paper draw in the areas that are not on the original drawing such as landscape plants, garden areas, and any other areas that you have added since you purchased the home.

Step 4: Design your lighting priorities

Our lighting design kit would be a valuable resource on this and the following steps in your outdoor lighting design plan. This is the step where you determine what areas from step one that you want to light, and what you want to hide.

Take another sheet of tracing paper and place it on top of the existing layers that you’ve drawn up to this point, and sketch out the lighting areas you want.

(NOTE:) If you are having us design and install your outdoor lighting, you can stop at this step, and we will take care of the rest!

Step 5: Try out your plan with temporary lighting

Gather some extension cords, and a fixtures. Get a couple of different bulbs with different wattage, and a few flood lights. If you don’t have these, and don’t want to purchase items just to try them out. We offer a free consultation and can design and experiment for you.

You’ll want to start by placing the lights out before dark, and then experiment with the lighting to see how you like it after dark. Try this for a few days to learn what you like.

Step 6: Calculate how much power you need

After determining where you want to place all of the lights, you will need to determine if your existing electrical panel will be able to handle the extra power required to run your design. You want to determine your wire run lengths, new circuits you need, and how many transformers you will need so that your new lighting does not overload your existing panel.

Step 7: Choose your lights and materials

Now that you have designed, experimented and calculated everything you need to achieve your goals, you can now determine which fixtures you want to use.

Low Voltage systems have some advantages as well as using LED bulbs. We can help you determine what works best for your budget and ideas.

Step 8: The Final Plan

You’re almost done! Calculate the costs associated with all of you work, and double check the design, lighting angles, and any other installation requirements.

Step 9: Get YOur plan Checked

If you want to install the lighting yourself, and are familiar with electricity, you still want to have your plans checked by a licensed electrician. You can also decide how much of your plan you want to install yourself or have a contractor do for you.

You can consider doing the design in stages, but make sure you have all the systems in place at the beginning to be able to add to them later.


Designing your outdoor lighting system is a fun way to use your imagination, but make sure that you take the time to cover each step. Hire an electrical contractor to design, consult or do the installation for you if all of this is overwhelming!

Make sure to check out our FREE Luxury Lighting Design Info Kit to help guide you to the outdoor lighting design of your dreams!



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October 27th, 2016 by AdamsPearceAdmin

We love Antique lamps, Chandeliers, and Stained Glass lighting!

If you’re anything like us, we love to find unique lighting that isn’t the run of the mill stuff that you will find at the big box stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot.

Today, we were on a mission to find some repair parts for a pair of 1920’s wall sconces that Randy is repairing for a client. While we were out and about, we checked in on the inventory of these 5 amazing Little Rock Lighting Stores.

TEC Electric is located on Maumelle Boulevard, and is bursting at the seams with some of the most unique and beautiful lighting in Central Arkansas. From modern to vintage reproductions, and indoor and outdoor lighting solutions, TEC Electric definitely needs to be on your list of places to shop.

2) The Shade Above is located on Old Cantrell in the warehouse area in front of Cajun’s Wharf. This is the place to get beautiful, one of a kind lamps and shades. The showroom is inviting and full of unique custom made lamps. They also have lots of repair parts for lamps, and you can get monogrammed lamp shades too! They were very knowledgeable and helpful. This is the place to go to to get your vintage or antique lamps and shades made like new!

3) Fabulous Finds Antique and Decorative Mall We have an awful time getting out of any upscale Antique Mall without spending lots of money. Today, we walked out with a gorgeous set of lamps for ourselves, but it didn’t break the bank. Fabulous Finds isn’t just focused on lighting. They have tons of antique items that would take us days to fully take in. The owners and employees there are very welcoming, and the whole shopping experience was fun.

Next time you’re in the market to do some decorating and add some lighting to your Central Arkansas home or office, check any of these places out! And if you need us to hang that new chandelier, give us a call or Click here to contact us


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