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Is Fluorescent lighting bad for you?

Did you know that children or family members with ADHD, Autism, Seizure Disorders, and Migraines might benefit if you changed the light bulbs in your home? Fluorescent lighting has been shown in studies to affect people in harmful ways.

They Emit noise

The common “spiral bulbs” also called, CFL’S that you can get today in the store emit a noise. If you’ve never noticed it, consider yourself lucky, but those with sensitivity to sound will notice it.

Our oldest son had a terrible time in school, and one of the complaints that he had was that he could hear the lights. That distracted him from his schoolwork. Maybe you’ve noticed that in your own children with ADHD issues.

They flicker

According to Psychology Today Doctors have changed their bulbs in the office when seeing a patient with seizure or migraine disorders.
The flicker can trigger a stress response or migraine in some people. LED lights have no warm up time like the other bulbs on the market, so they don’t emit a flicker.

They can cause sleep disturbances

Nothing can cause more stress than a bad night’s sleep.  Fluorescent or CFL bulbs can emit a melatonin suppressor. Melatonin is the hormone responsible for helping our circadian clocks regulate our sleep patterns.

If these bulbs are in your bedroom, you might consider changing them to promote a better night’s sleep.

The color they emit can cause stress

The blue color that these bulbs emit is known to be able to reach parts of the brain that are responsible for triggering stress hormones, hyperactivity, and muscle tension


It is recommended that CFL’s and Fluorescent bulbs be replaced by LED’s or the older Incandescent bulbs if you or loved one has issues that may cause extra stress, hyperactivity, migraines or sleep disturbances.

The healthiest light is sunlight, so also make sure that you or your loved one get plenty of that each day so that you can counteract some of the issues that come with Fluorescent Bulbs and CFL’s usage.

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