Randy’s Long Lost Brother

Randy’s Long Lost Brother…

The Month of May is our Service Panel Promotion. I’ve been thinking about how to get this out, and educate you all about why you might need a service panel upgrade. It’s a job that we do weekly. Inevitably someone needs more power to their older home, because they just didn’t require as much power in the 60’s as we do today.

In an effort to find some really great info, I came along this video on Youtube. Ya’ll this guy could pass as Randy’s brother, don’t you think? I was even more amused that his name is also Randy! Now, I’m not going to lie, the sound quality is not very good on this video, so it surely won’t hold your attention to figure out what he is talking about. But either way…it’s Randy’s long lost brother. haha!

Here’s why it’s even more entertaining….

Randy and I met over electrical problems. I had been in my house for a week, and I was having major power issues. I had met Randy the night before, and on a Sunday he came over to look at the issue. When he showed up, he was wearing glasses, and I was in love immediately.  ( I later found out that he was concerned I might think he was a geek with them on) I think glasses are adorable. (but of course, only my Randy is the most adorable of them all when wearing them)

This video is a better one to explain why you might need a service panel upgrade…

If you’re having any of these type of problems, you might want to call us this month about upgrading.

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