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November 20th, 2017 by AdamsPearceAdmin

How to Pick the Best Holiday Lights


Yes, we know. We haven’t passed Thanksgiving yet, but hopefully it’s ok to start talking about lights for your Christmas displays!

Whether you like a full blown holiday light display that is full of color or a more low key approach to holiday decorating; keep these things in mind when picking up the best lights for your displays.

Choosing LEDs or Incandescent Lights

Led bulbs are simply the most energy efficient bulbs that you can purchase on the market today, but they are also the more higher priced option.

They will last longer than Incandescent bulbs, but keep the price in mind when purchasing large quantities if your on a budget.

You can get LEDs in different color temperatures ranging from cool to warm white, and they will stay cool to the touch.

Incandescent lights will be the cheaper option, and they will provide a warm glow to your display. They will also give off more heat than an LED.

The Lowes Christmas Lights Buying Guide is a great resource.

Choosing How Many Lights Per Strand

Check the box. In general lights with less space between them will be better suited to lay over shrubs or hang off of eaves.

Light strands that have a lot of bulbs on them will look better wrapping around trees, banisters, and anything else you decide to wrap outside.

Choosing bulb shape and design

There are so many options on the market when it comes to bulb shape, size and design. they range from an actual snowflake design to a standard, traditional bulb.

I am very much a traditional, vintage style decorator. But, you may envision a modern, updated design.

Have your design in front of you when purchasing your lights.


These are just a few starter tips to help you begin picking the best holiday lights for your display this year. This rest of this month of blogs will be dedicated to decorating with lights this year!

So stay tuned….





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April 30th, 2017 by AdamsPearceAdmin

Antique Hurricane Lamps


We love Antiques! Recently we went on a short vacation. We could only leave for a few days, because it’s hard for business owners to find the time.  But…we made the time so we could keep our sanity. Everyone needs a little getaway!

One of our favorite things to do is scour flea markets looking for antique light fixtures, chandeliers, lamps, or anything that we might be able to turn into an awesome light.

One of our favorite finds was this simple white Hurricane Lamp that we found in an Antique Shop on the way to Colonial Williamsburg.

This Hurricane Lamp lights 3 ways. You can light just the top, or the bottom the light the whole lamp. It also has simple hand-painted flowers on it, with a lovely raised rose pattern on the glass as well.

Isn’t it beautiful?
Here is a great site on the history of Hurricane Lamps

Best of all this one is for sale in our shop! Browse our other selection of lamps and light fixtures, too!

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April 12th, 2017 by AdamsPearceAdmin

Luminaire Magazine April 2017


We are so excited to announce that this month our new publication, Luminaire Magazine will be delivered first to our past clients and customers.

This magazine is the product of wanting to provide homeowners with the latest in lighting design, landscape lighting and other great ideas to help make your house beautiful!

This month, we will cover things like the latest trends in lamps for your home, under cabinet lighting for your kitchen and designing a garden lighting plan!

We can’t wait to get it out to our clients!

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December 15th, 2016 by AdamsPearceAdmin

Why Aren’t The Outlets in My Bathroom or Kitchen Working?

Arkansas electrical code states that  bathroom or kitchen outlet within 4′ of a sink must be GFCI protected.  GFCI outlets have to be installed in any area where electricity and water may come into contact.  This is one of the main sources of issues with bathroom or kitchen outlets not working.  Often times, the issue is with GFCI outlets not working properly in those areas.

What is a GFCI outlet?

GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. They help prevent electric shock by shutting off the power in your kitchen or bathroom if the device detects that the electrical current is not traveling along its intended path.

The GFCI can be reset by pressing the button between the plug-ins, but if the issue is not resolved it will continue to shut itself off. In the event that it continues to shut off, a licensed electrician will need to be consulted to assess any underlying issues.

Why do they need to be installed around areas with water present?

The impurities in water such as salt and dust particles make water highly conductive. This means that electricity can travel through the water and produce electrical shock or worse, electrocution. It is an important safety matter to make sure that those are installed in your kitchen and bathroom, plus any other areas of your where there is potential for water to be present.



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