Antique Hurricane Lamps


We love Antiques! Recently we went on a short vacation. We could only leave for a few days, because it’s hard for business owners to find the time.  But…we made the time so we could keep our sanity. Everyone needs a little getaway!

One of our favorite things to do is scour flea markets looking for antique light fixtures, chandeliers, lamps, or anything that we might be able to turn into an awesome light.

One of our favorite finds was this simple white Hurricane Lamp that we found in an Antique Shop on the way to Colonial Williamsburg.

This Hurricane Lamp lights 3 ways. You can light just the top, or the bottom the light the whole lamp. It also has simple hand-painted flowers on it, with a lovely raised rose pattern on the glass as well.

Isn’t it beautiful?
Here is a great site on the history of Hurricane Lamps

Best of all this one is for sale in our shop! Browse our other selection of lamps and light fixtures, too!